User Database Curation
Curate and own your own cloud database to communicate with and market to your end users more efficiently.
Get an in-depth look into your users’ interests and needs using our segmentation tools.
Capture, segment, monetize, and retain user/follower data using our easy to use, cloud-based platform.
Create your own user database.
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Autonomously control communications with your users/followers.
Increase your bottom line by efficiently delivering highly interactive advertising campaigns.
Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time from start to finish.
Direct Communication Channel
The VMS Platform provides a direct communication channel with your end users using the most effective tool the market has to offer!
Reach any mobile device
Use video messaging to facilitate a greater impact and a higher open percentage
Improve user experience and response rate using RCS and SMS messaging technology
Deliver high impact SMS messages and videos with a 98% open rate (95% read in the first 3 minutes)
Directly communicate with users utilizing an effective sales tool -- click-through rate (CTR) of 40%
Consume less data and maximize effectiveness using our platform to reach a worldwide mobile-connected audience
Content Monetization
VMS Communications helps celebrities, sports teams, media channels, and other content owners deliver and manage their data, understand their users and followers, and obtain profits that are usually kept by social networking websites. Building loyalty while monetizing your own content is simple when using a single intelligent central database.
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With our platform
  • Begin monetizing with your first campaign
  • Deliver high-value interactive advertising
  • Be effective without intruding on your users
  • Market freely without many of the limitations imposed by other platforms
  • Keep more of your revenue, maximize profitability
  • Grow without limits!