VMS Communications donates mobile content distribution
technology to Scholas Occurrentes in support of
effort to change world education

Miami, FL – August 3, 2016 – VMS Communications has initiated an important alliance with Scholas Occurrentes, an International Organization of Pontifical Right established in 2013 by Pope Francis, with the goal to change education by building together an integrated and peaceful world, making the culture of the meeting an educational experience.

The initiative uses technology, arts and sports to encourage a culture of social integration, making an emphasis on the goal of technology as the medium to bring education to its full potential. “That’s why we decided to put our technology to Scholas’ service,” said Diego Guarderas, COO of VMS Communications.

VMS Communications, a Florida-based tech company, has developed a mobile content distribution solution that allows direct communication with large groups of people in the fastest and most efficient way. This technology is unique in that it is inclusive of basic cell phones, as well as smartphones. As such, VMS is helping governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to reach more and more people with important video messages, video alerts, public welfare messages, traffic and disaster warnings, as well as political or awareness campaigns.

By having the ability to reach 90% of the mobile world’s population through a simple SMS and joining forces with VMS Communications, Scholas Occurrentes has an unprecedented opportunity to help create a more inclusive world. By bringing educational content to almost any mobile device using Scholas Occurrentes’ model, VMS can serve an integral role in helping Scholas reach more schools and educational networks worldwide. Scholas is already present in 190 countries connecting 446.000 schools and educational networks in 5 continents, working with students from Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and stemming from different religions and educational institutions.

Thru this alliance VMS & Scholas will request telecommunication companies around the world their support as part of their social responsibility program by letting Scholas offer their educational content at no cost to the user. Giving Scholas in this way the opportunity of amplifying its message in favor of the culture of encounter for peace which Pope Francis promotes.

“Technology is capable of reducing gaps, reaching the real world where our students are” said José María del Corral, Scholas Occurrentes Global Director.



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