Cristiano Ronaldo teams with VMS Communications
to Launch Global Mobile-Subscriber Fan Club

MIAMI -- The world’s greatest soccer player has teamed up with VMS Communications to revolutionize the way CR7 fans can access content on their mobile devices, creating the first truly inclusive social media platform.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 Fan Club is a mobile-access service that connects fans around the globe to the soccer star’s videos, pictures, news and facts.

A three-time Ballon D’Or winner, CR7 is a soccer phenomenon. His partnership with VMS has the potential to reach up to 6 billion mobile phone subscribers:

“My fans around the world give me great support and this business investment with VMS Communications means I can stay in touch with them wherever they are. Through VMS, subscribers to the CR7 Fan Club do not need a smartphone or unlimited data plans. Now, I can connect with all of my fans through the most direct and effective way, on their phones! VMS’s technology makes it easy for celebrities, sport clubs, governments and non-profit organizations to reach their audiences worldwide.” –Cristiano Ronaldo

Subscribers to the CR7 Fan Club can also participate in contests to win exclusive CR7 merchandise and a chance to win a meet & greet with Cristiano Ronaldo.

VMS Communications, a Florida-based tech company, uses its technology solution to help create a more inclusive social media environment, making content available to all mobile users, while ensuring that very little data is consumed. With VMS, Cristiano Ronaldo’s official content and videos is made available to 90 percent of the world’s mobile users. CR7 and VMS have launched the CR7 Fan Club as a successful example of making social media content available to everyone.

“Cristiano Ronaldo makes the perfect partner for VMS Communications,” announced Diego Guarderas, COO of VMS Communications. “With over 107 million followers on Facebook, CR7 is the most followed celebrity in the world on the biggest social network.” Guarderas discussed a critical motivation for the partnership; “in order to provide fans with the connection they want, Cristiano understands he needs to make his content available on the most widely used device in the world, which is the mobile phone, whether basic, feature, or smartphone.”

The CR7 Fan Club will be distributed through TIMWE, a global provider of connectivity solutions for mobile marketing and technology services, and their network of Mobile Service Providers.

For more information, contact:
Sebastian Cordovez, Marketing Manager, VMS Communications



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